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Information for International Families

Dwight students and faculty represent over 40 countries. As a globally minded community, we aim to make the application process as straightforward as possible for your family. We recognize that many decisions are involved and cannot be made until you have a school for your child. Once the application process is completed and all supplemental materials are submitted, the Admissions Committee will meet to review the file. Families will be notified as soon as a decision is reached.


If your family will be visiting New York, we will be happy to accommodate you for a private tour during your visit. If you are not able to visit New York, please take a moment to watch our virtual tours欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A and a of Dwight student panelists answering some frequently asked questions at a recent fall open house.


Please note, international families relocating to New York from overseas are exempt from taking standardized testing. In place of these tests, the Dwight Admissions Department will coordinate administering individualized language and math assessments.

F-1 Student Visas

欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 AWhile Dwight New York is proud to be an international community, please note that we are a day school only. Dwight School does not provide boarding or allow homestays for international students. All international students must be living with immediate family members while in New York. All family guardians undergo an interview and screening process. Dwight is an SEVP-certified school. If your child requires a Form I-20, he/she must be enrolled and the full tuition must be paid before a Form I-20 is issued.


欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 AMedical insurance from a U.S.-based insurance company is a condition of enrollment for the student. Occasionally, parents ask us for recommendations on U.S.-based insurance companies. While we are not associated with any insurance company and cannot recommend any particular carrier, we provide the list below for your convenience. Please research the best insurance for your child.

• | 855.355.5777
• | 866.552.8834
• | 302.656.4944
• | 877.758.4391
欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A • | 800.244.1180

English as an Alternate Language

EAL provides English language instruction and support欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A for our non-native speakers of all ages. We're committed to a personalized approach that provides students who are learning English with the necessary tools to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

Students are evaluated prior to admissions for oral, reading, and writing proficiency by Dwight's EAL team and placed in our supplemental program based on evaluation results. 

Please note that English as an Alternate Language (EAL) is often used interchangeably with English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL). We have opted to use EAL because it does not imply any hierarchy for language acquisition.

Dwight Viewbook

Contact Admissions

欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A (212) 724-6360 x748

Grades K-12 
(212) 724-6360 x201

Admissions Team

Nora Thomson

Director of Preschool Admissions

Laura Charecky

Associate Director of Preschool Admissions

Maryll Spahn

Director of Admissions,
欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A Grades K-8

Liliana Rodriguez

Co-Director of Admissions,
Grades K-8

Elizabeth Katz

Director of Admissions,
欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A Grades 9-12

Elizabeth Carey

Associate Director of Admissions,
欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A Grades 9-12

Melissa Andolina

Assistant Director
& Enrollment Manager,
Grades K-12