Middle School


In Dwight's Middle School, students in grades 6-8 begin the academically robust International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A, where they are encouraged to collaborate, think critically and independently, and apply their knowledge to the world around them.

What Sets Us Apart?

The International Baccalaureate

  • We offer the of the curriculum, which extends from grades 6–10.
  • The IB is among the most academically vigorous and challenging programs in the world and fosters the education of open-minded and critical thinkers.


  • Students may participate in our Spark Tank incubator program, to take their novel ideas with real-world application into the marketplace. 
  • Our 1:1 laptop program in grades 6-8 ensure access to the latest learning technologies. 

Personalized Learning

  • No two students are alike — and no two student journeys are the same.
  • Learning is individualized, as students may reach new heights in math and other subjects, at their own pace.


  • Each student is a member of a small advisory group, which meets weekly with a faculty mentor to discuss a wide variety of topics.
  • All Middle School students participate in a leadership program led by the Head of Middle School, Ron Posner and Associate Head of Middle School, Shelby Levin. 
  • Opportunities for meaningful community service include a service day for each grade.

Global Vision

  • Middle School students have the opportunity to travel abroad to many of our Dwight School campuses and interact with their peers across the globe
  • Students may study Spanish, French, or Mandarin. Additional language offerings and Mother Tongue language classes are available upon request.

Feel free to contact me and see our fantastic program in action or click here to learn more about the middle school application process.


Ron Posner | Head of Middle School

Meet Our Middle School Community


Ron Posner

Head of Middle School
212.724.6360 x295
欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A rposner@wysjkyy.com.cn

Shelby Levin

Associate Head of Middle School,
MYP Coordinator
212.724.6360 x318
欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A slevin@wysjkyy.com.cn

Contact Admissions

欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 Aadmissions@wysjkyy.com.cn

欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A (212) 724-6360 x748

Grades K-12 
(212) 724-6360 x201

Admissions Team

Maryll Spahn

Director of Admissions,
欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A Grades K-8

Liliana Rodriguez

Co-Director of Admissions,
欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A Grades K-8

Melissa Andolina

Assistant Director
& Enrollment Manager,
欧美 亚洲 国产 视频 小说|国产a片 A Grades K-12

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